Can I bulk bill?


To determine whether a patient is eligible for bulk billing of accommodation, written approval must be obtained from the IPTAAS office BEFORE the patient leaves the accommodation facility.

  1. Upon arrival at the accommodation facility, the accommodation facility is responsible for helping the patient complete Form 3. Application to bulk bill accommodation. The facility should include their declaration at Part F of this form.
  2. Submit the form via email to the patient's local IPTAAS office to apply for a bulk bill approval ID (as per the details below). The patient must have their referring practitioner complete the referral details part of the application if this is their first visit to the treating practitioner or health service.
  3. Once the local IPT AAS office has received the application form, a bulk bill approval ID will be issued to the facility (within two working days) via email. It should be assumed that the patient is paying for the full cost of their accommodation until the facility receives the approval ID.
  4. At the end of the patient's stay, the facility should email the patient's local IPTAAS office the following documentation so the application can be finalised and the accommodation invoice can be paid:
    • The invoice (noting the patient's name and approval ID)
    • A completed Travel and accommodation supplement form
    • Any applicable invoices/receipts for travel.

Accommodation Rates

Not for profit organisation accommodation rates:

  • 1- 7 nights $43/night or $60/night for a shared room.
  • 8 + night - $65/night or $85/night for a shared room.

Profit accommodation rates:

  • 1-7 nights $43/night or $60/night for a shared room.
  • 8-14 nights – $80/night or $105/night for a shared room.
  • 15 + nights $105/night or $120/night for a shared room.

Note: Financial assistance is not available for public or private inpatient hospital accommodation costs.