For Medical Professionals

Information for referring practitioners

When a patient is visiting a practitioner or health service for the first time, they must submit Part C. Referral details along with their IPTAAS application form. Subsequent visits to the same practitioner or health service do not require a referral. The referral is valid for 24 months.

New referral details are required if the patient is visiting a new practitioner or health service.

Nearest practitioner or health service

A patient can apply for assistance from IPTAAS if they are referred to the practitioner or health service that is nearest to their usual place of residence.

Exemptions may be apply if the referring practitioner certifies that it is necessary for the patient to travel to a more distant practitioner or health service.

Air travel

You must provide a valid medical reason why the patient needs to travel by air (for both the forward and/or return journeys) and seek an air approval code from the local IPTAAS office.

Air travel may be approved if the patient:

  • Requires active clinical management, for example, ambulatory oxygen, regular catheterisation, frequent nebuliser therapy,
  • Has severe pain that will be worsened during lengthy private vehicle or public transport travel,
  • A patient needs urgent treatment (non-emergency) that is arranged at short notice,
  • A patient has a spinal cord injury or needs significant assistance which prevents them travelling by private vehicle or public transport,
  • Has a bone fracture that has not been stabilised or a musculoskeletal disorder and constant movement during lengthy private vehicle or public transport travel would compromise their
    healing or treatment outcome.